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We are a clan on clash of clans. This page is to keep track of clan events, timelines, notifications and whatever else might strike our fancy.

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Promethazine by Joe Vitale

Batman rocks!

Clan guidelinesEdit

  • Be nice to eachother. This is a game, no insults, no disrepsect. Please.
  • Donate what is asked or ask if other troops are good
  • Donate the minimum weekly donation or let an elder know you can't make the quota for a season
  • The elder is always right. In any conflict the person that has been in the clan the longest stays. Can be overruled by leader or majority of elders
  • Number of elders is fixed at 1 elder for each 5 members
  • Elder status is a chore, not a badge of honour
  • Insulting a clan member results in instant kick
  • Leeching more then 3:1 received troops versus donated results in instant kick, determined at season end

Most important, this is a game, not a job or a competition. It is meant to be enjoyed. These guidelines serve as a reference for elders or any other clan member that is interested. Everything is open for discussion.

Useful stuffEdit

Anything and everything you would ever want to know about Clash Of Clans :

Latest activityEdit

!6th of August 2013 - Promethazine Founded by BATMAN, Kevingman24 and Belochio

16th of August 2013 - Belochio elected first leader of the clan, Kevingman24 and BATMAN are elders

September 2013 - Promethazine 2 founded by mike and darkgamerlord and funny8oy.